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It is our deliberate and conscious philosophy to prevent and avoid all health and safety threats to our personnel and damage to the environment, equipment & properties.

Our prime objective is to deliver all project(s) in strict compliance with own and our clients procedures, guidelines and HES stipulations.

We shall compulsorily pursue and ensure zero fatality tolerance and enforce good security observance

Ensure sound community relations with our host communities

Ensure strict compliance with the Nigerian content stipulations

Ensure safe & timely delivery of all projects Strive to ensure the prevention of all incidents & injuries to personnel & third parties, damage to properties & equipment, loss of reputation and adverse impact on the environment

We shall always engage competent, certified & fit-for-purpose-employees (FFPE) in all our project execution

We shall always educate our employees with the latest HES needs through requisite trainings

Promptly provide all necessary tools and equipment required for achieving any project initiative

Ensure that all employees are adequately remunerated

Ensure that incentives are given to deserving personnel

Provide and maintain safe & healthy working conditions taking cognizance of all statutory regulations, rules, specifications and standards and needs

Ensure the integration of our subcontractors (when they are contracted to execute specialist task) into our company HES policy

Ensure that our subcontractor(s) become aware and committed to our HES requirements Ensure full compliance and co-operation of all employees

Ensure that the environment is adequately protected via conscious house keeping

Facilitate a peaceful and cordial working relation with the host community in line with the Nigerian content stipulations etc



Mr. Simon Precious,
Managing Director
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